15'    1
Included : PDF-Voucher, Videos L

Have you found your new favorite sport? We can understand that, because our hearts also beat for flying. The individual training is your first step in the world of bodyflying on the way to becoming a proflyer. In 15 minutes our trainers will teach you all the basics of flying. Learn to fly stable on the spot and then to control your body upwards, downwards, forwards and backwards as well as to fly turns. After two of these courses, you can become a proflyer and take advantage of our discounted proflyer offers.
This package is for one person.

30'    2
Included : PDF-Voucher, Videos XL

You have discovered a shared passion and want to fly together in the wind tunnel like the pros in the future? Then the Team Training is your perfect choice! For 30 minutes the wind tunnel belongs to you two. Like the pros, you take turns and learn the most important basics of bodyflying from our experienced instructors. Together you can experience your progress, exchange knowledge and cheer for each other! After two of these courses, you can become a pro flyer and take advantage of our low-cost proflyer offers.
This package is for two people.

10'    1
Included : PDF-Voucher, Videos L

5 flights for 1 kid

In a playful way, little superheroes discover how to control and navigate their bodies in the windtunnel. Forward, backward, up and down, sideways movements and turns: There are no limits in bodyflying. After three of these courses, children can become proflyers and benefit from our discounted proflyer offers.

Age: between 4 and 15 years old

15'    1
Included : PDF-Voucher, Videos L

Ready - Set - Go! You want to become a skydiver and have signed up for an AFF course? There is no better way than to practice your perfect freefall position in the wind tunnel. With the help of our instructors, who are all active skydivers themselves, you will learn to "fall" in a stable position, do your first turns and practice the pull sequence.

This product is exclusively for (future) skydivers! Proof* required!

* AFF training contract or signed logbook

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More than 1000x excitement!

Read the enthusiastic reviews of our customers and let them convince you!

How it works

Flying in a vertical wind tunnel is a ton of fun and absolutely safe at the same time.

Additional information

The whole experience including classroom time, gearing up time, and flight time may take up to 2 hours.

Every package includes:

  • All necessary flight equipment (suit, helmet, earplugs, goggles)
  • In-class briefing
  • Flying guided by experienced instructor
  • Demonstration flight show
  • Personal diploma of achievement

Conditions of participation:

  • Minimum age: 4 years
  • Maximum weight: 120 kg

You should not fly if you:

  • are pregnant
  • have prior shoulder dislocations
  • are under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Please be aware to redeem your voucher and book your flight time in advance. Walk-ins are welcome when we have availability, but we highly recommend booking in advance.